Name of product : Videlligence 2.0


Price: $97

What is it

This is a Comprehensive Videlligence 2.0 Review. Videlligence is a video
creation software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to create
great looking video Ads in a simple three steps process. It enables
you to create a video by using its over 100 customizable templates or
by inputting the URL of the product page from your Shopify,
WooComerce or any other online store.

The Advanced AI technology pulls the content from your product page and create the video automatically. You can then use this video to create a Facebook Ads, or post on YouTube or Instagram to drive organic traffic to your offers.

Expert marketers claim that videos on a website gets 85% more engagement. YouTube became the second largest search engine after Google with over 2 billion users. This is a great way to market your offers using videos and Videlligence enables you to do that in a short time.

How Does it Work

Creating a video with this software is a simple three steps process.

Step 1


Grab the URL of your offer from the product page of your Amazon, EBay, Shopify or WooCommerce or any online store

Step 2

Videlligence will scan the page for all the relevant information such as pictures and pricing. You then add more custom settings such as music and
additional text.

Step 3


Using all the information, Videlligence will then create a professional looking video automatically complete with video animation and music and call to action phrases.

Other than creating video on autopilot using the three steps process, you can also create a video from scratch. All you have to do is choose a niche whether product marketing or local marketing. You then upload photos, write in product information and add music.

Who is it for and what can it be used for

Videlligence is totally newbie friendly with easy to use dashboard and step by step instructions and navigation. So it is ideal for you if you are just
getting your feet wet in video creation and marketing.

It is also ideal for you if you are involved in any of the following;


Are you involved in Dropshipping, own an online store or sell on Amazon or EBay? you can use Videlligence to create video Advertisement for any product that is on your store and have it published within minutes. More and more persons are shopping online these days, shopping malls are getting more and more emptier. Short professional Video Ads are a great way to market your individual products from your online store.

Affiliate marketing

There are tons of video creation software on the market, but very few of them is specifically geared towards local marketing and Ecommerce. It can
take a considerable amount of time to write a product review blog
post and embed it with your promotional link. This is one of the quickest
way to get your promotions out there. Bear in mind that up to 64% of
users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.


It can cost hundreds of dollars to outsource the creation of a video
advertisement even on Fiverr. It can also take days to have it
delivered. What better way is there to outdo your competition than by
using this software to create video Ads for clients in a shorter time
at a more competitive price.

Social media marketers

According to TechCrunch Magazine, over 100 million hours of videos
are watched on Facebook every day. YouTube is the second largest
Search engine after Google. Currently, 35% of all online Ad budget is
spent on video ads. YouTube Advertising is still a low hanging fruit
in online Advertising.

This is a perfect tool to create video Ads quickly and more
efficiently to get your product in front of 4 billion Facebook users
and over 2 billion YouTube viewers to take advantage of the growth
that is happening in Video Advertisement.


Very quick and efficient way to create video Ads without much heavy
lifting. As you can see the sample Ads on the sales page, this
product is able to create professionally looking product Ads by just
entering the URL of your product page. The software will
automatically do the rest of the work.

This Software is cloud based, so no need to download anything to your


If you are a newbie, this $97 price tag may be a challenge. There are
ways in which you can create an Ad for free on the internet. However
if you are able to get those advertisements to drive traffic to your
site, the price tag may be worth it.


It is no secret that people love to watch videos. Just looking at all the statistics on video consumption on the internet is just mind boggling. In addition to that, online shopping belongs to the future, therefore learning online marketing is very important if you want to successfully make money on the internet.

One of the best marketing strategies available is learning ways how you can create professional looking videos and creating marketing videos for your products on your online store.

Videlligence 2.0 is a unique software on the market right now that you can use to get started in video marketing. Turning a product page into a video within minutes. I invite you to take a look at it right now.


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4 thoughts on “Videlligence 2.0 Review

  1. Oneil,
    With video being an important part of any online business, having a tool to create them will be a must. Do you know if the Videlligence program has a trial period. Is the $97 price tag a one time purchase.

    1. yes the $97 is a one time purchase fee, no monthly payments and it does have a trial period where you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with it

  2. Hello Oneil,
    Thanks for this article. Yes, you are so right about Youtube being the second largest search engine and the fact that videos are FAST becoming a source of marketing online. This software sounds FAB. I will have to check it out. Keep up the good job and I will continue ‘stalking’ your website.
    All the best.

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