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With Video Titan X , you have a chance to be among the search results of the 3 billion searches per day that is performed on YouTube. Facebook and YouTube gets a combined 12 billion video views each day. In the old days, you would need to have a camera, a recording studio and have a high tech equipment to make a marketing video, or outsource it to a professional which will take a few days.

That won’t work any more, as you will need to get your videos up running to be ahead of the competition.

Video Titan X is a complete Video creation system that you can use to create a marketing video to post on YouTube, or Facebook within minutes using 4 easy steps.

This system will help you to find profitable niches, create a video for that niche and launch a marketing campaign to make money in the shortest time possible.

How does it work

Video Titan X is comprised of a four software system which work like this;

Step 1 is to find a profitable video niche that is already converting and making money. Using TUBE TITAN, you will able to find the hottest 50 niche of the day.

Simply enter any keyword to view 50 results of the top performing videos with the most views or search with a dozen other metrics which includes estimated earnings per day, daily views, engagement percentage, affiliate links found and more.

After using Tube Titan to find out what videos niches are popular on the internet. It is now time to create an even better video than can convert within that niche in no time. So now is on to;

Step 2,with the I Click Video Creator software to create a marketing video within minutes. The I Click Video Software has hundreds of animation templates that are then rendered into a high definition video complete with music. You can even upload your own images or music into it if you want to.

1 Click Video Creator software creates profitable videos for:

Video sales letters

Explainer videos


YouTube, and affiliate video reviews.

So after using Tube Titan to find out what is popular and what people are buying, then using 1 Click Video Maker to create a video. You now need to get traffic to to your videos. You can always post them to Facebook or YouTube. However the Titan X system also gives you two other options.

This is where Step 3 comes in. The third software allows you to create a video website.

1 Click Video Page Creator software will create an instant website to display the video that you had created with the 1 Click Video Maker. It has 10 done for you web page template where you can upload your videos and have them on the internet in time.


It allows you to create VSL Websites, Squeeze pages and Landing pages in in a few minutes.

Step 4 is a WordPress plugin, TITAN WordPress theme to help you ranked with Google to get free traffic.



So there you have it, a four software video creation system to help you master the world of video marketing for an incredible low price of just $7.

Bonus Included

This package also comes with access to additional software packages, I find this company to be very generous. My previous purchase from them has 27 software in it. However the software in this package is not among those, so this is a new package altogether.

Bonus includes;

Tube Traffic which allows you to add clickable buttons and images to your videos, Video Dynamite which allows you to add subtitles in various Languages so you will get better SEO rankings.

Additional Templates and more training videos are also included.

These Templates enable Chris to earn millions of dollars and he wants you to have them.


I know this is definitely value for money, I think Chris has always over deliver on his software offerings. Don’t be surprised if you end up getting access to the more than six software that I told you about in this review as time goes on as that is my experience.


Installing WordPress themes might be a little challenge if you’re a newbie and also you will need a domain hosting for it. However if you want to purchase a domain and also domain hosting along with site maintenance you can go HERE for more info.

I know this is a great buy. Press the Yellow button to check it out.


8 thoughts on “Video Titan X Review

  1. Videos are growing and growing in popularity as educational primary communication means…we all need to look into this medium to be successful online today. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Wow, this was so interesting to read. And since YouTube has become ranked as the #2 search engine, learning as much as we can about creating videos is to our benefit, yes?
    So enjoyed reading this. It is indeed the wave of the future..and we so need to get on this train!
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Annie, I won’t beat round the bush. The million dollar question is this: how much does it cost? As an online entrepreneur, I can very much see the power of YouTube. And yet, putting a video together is something that drives me to destruction! I have always been good with words (or at least, I hope I am), but I have never been good at designing – let alone, graphic designing. This software video package would be right up my street, and I can see how it would make my life so much easier. But, again, how much?
    I hope you can advise. Thank you.

  4. This is very interesting as I have just started making my own videos for my websites. It is a very long process for me at this time, the editing is the hardest part.
    About how long does it take to produce a quality 2-3 minute video with this program. Can you take a post from your site to make a video, or is it only making videos from YouTube suggestions.

    1. So the youtube suggestion tells you the videos that are trending, so that it can give you an idea what niche you can make a video for so that your conversion may improve

  5. Excellent review, I enjoyed reading it, it is to the point and well described.
    This is a great package that any aspiring online marketer needs to make an impact on the video ranking world.
    I am going to bookmark this for future reference when I will be ready for video marketing.
    Thanks for this.

  6. Hello Oneil,
    Creating videos to increase traffic to your website is becoming more and more a skill that online business owners need to have. However, it can sometimes seem intimidating. I think your review does an excellent job of demystifying the process of how one can make videos for his or her site. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hello Oneil,
    Very interesting software. I am a newbie when ti comes to the techy world…and forget about video creation apps and the likes. This sounds interesting though. I will take a look as my time permits.
    Thanks for the info.

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