In order to get a better ranking on search engines, It is good to use the best keyword search tool to find out which is the best keywords to use in your
article or blog to get it ranked, ideally on the first page on a search engine’s returned results. The best way to accomplish this is with the use of a keywords search tool in order to get the most optimum result.

What is a Keyword

In Relation to the Internet, a keyword is a phrase or word that you would type into a Search Engine text box to search the internet for the information
that you are looking for. For example, lets say you are planning to buy a car and you are not sure what kind of car to get, but made up your mind to get an SUV instead. If you are not sure what the SUV market is like and you’re definitely not sure which are the best SUVs on the market. Then you pull up Yahoo, Bing or Google and type in the phrase “best SUV for 2018”.

“Best SUV for 2018” would therefore be the Keywords because that is the phrase or words that you type into the search engine that you choose. Based on the Keywords that you typed into the search bar, the search engine will give you the results based on what it thinks are the best sources of information on the internet regarding SUV pricing, design and various other criteria.

So what if you are publisher or blogger and you feel that you are a real expert in giving real authoritative information on SUVs, and you want the
search engines to push your websites or blogs at least on the first page of the returned search results so that the researcher will see your article. How can you go about making that happen? In that case, you will need a Keyword search Tool.

What is a Keyword Search Tool?

So you would enter a keyword in the search bar of a search engine to find information about SUVs on the internet if you are the consumer or researcher. As a blogger or a publisher of such information, you want your article to make it among the vast amount of articles on this same topic so
that researchers or consumers will be able to find and read your article. Keywords are the search tool for the search engines, this is how the Google or Bing or Yahoo identifies things on the internet. Not an entire website or blogs.

Search Engines patrol the internet and creates mini databases of popular keywords from websites or blogs and matches it with the search phrases that searchers and consumers enter in their search boxes to return to the SUV buyer a search result. Therefore, a keyword search tool would have access to that search engine keyword database to know what people are searching for.

That is the reason that, as a writer/blogger or a publisher, I would want to use the best keyword search tool to figure out what would be the best title I should give my article. This tool will help me to figure out which is the best
keywords I should use in the title of my article so I would be among
the earliest results presented to you ideally on the first page, so
you would see and picked my article to read.

How Can I Get Access to the Best Keyword Search Tool?

If you come across this article through a Google, Yahoo or Bing search, it means that the Keyword Search tool that I used to find the keyword for this
article works great. The tool I used to help me is Jaaxy and can be found at

With Jaaxy you are getting; 

The most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research

With over 500 Million “brand new” search terms being searched every  day, it is important that you have a keyword tool that can offer accurate traffic, competition, and domain insights into billions of keywords.

Jaaxy can “spy” on your competition and probe into WHY their websites are ranking, where are they ranking, and you will get insightful data into their website’s content structure, meta tags, content quality/length, backlinks, ad placements, along with other information that the competition simply doesn’t want you to have. Plain and simple, this information is going to give you a competitive edge.

SiteRank is a platform that is exclusive to Jaaxy and it allows you to monitor and track ANY rankings in Google, Yahoo, or Bing for ANY website! You are going to be able to trace fluctuations within your rankings and you will be automatically notified upon achieving ranking metrics in Google, Yahoo or Bing. It is a true publisher’s dream tool and is an essential for affiliate/internet marketers, blog owners, local marketers, and merchants.

There are literally millions of niches online, many of which have little to no competition. Having access to the Brainstorm, Affiliate Search, and Alphabet Soup platforms within Jaaxy are going to give you true insights into brand new niches…without you having to do the dirty work. Whether you are looking for a new business idea or looking to dig into the deepest corners of your existing niche, Jaaxy is going to be your power tool.

Can I Afford it?

Jaaxy has a free version where you can get 30 keyword search absolutely free if you are a newbie and doesn’t write so often. However, if you are a serious blogger or publisher, you can get the pro version for just $49 per month or the enterprise version for $99 per month.

Take a look at my chart below to see all the wonderful features you will get from the premium versions.


The world of Online Marketing is very competitive and it is getting a lot more difficult to be seen on the internet. whenever your article appear on the first page on any returned results of any search engine, your article are  10x more likely to be read.

That is why you need the the best keyword search tool that will put your work on the first page and Jaaxy will help you accomplish that. Why not go ahead and try it out for free.






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  1. Hi Oj, you have very clearly explained the benefits of Jaaxy. I frequently search “the best * of 2018” or review or “is this a scam” when deals sound too good to be true. This is definitely useful information to help improve our blog. Thanks for sharing!

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