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My Story

For most of my life, I was involved in what Robert Kiyosaki called the Rat Race. The Rat Race is going to work for an organization, be it corporate or government for years and years and getting a paycheck. You were not taught anything about money in school.

You were taught by your parents and society at large that all you have to do is go to school, get a college education, get a college degree and then get a good stable job and a steady paycheck for the rest of your life and then you will retire with a pension and life will be OK. However, after finishing college, no one told you that you might not get the job you wanted, no one told you that wages have been decreasing, no one told you that your pension might not be there when you retire because economy goes through boom and bust every ten or so years and also some jobs are getting obsolete.

And that’s basically my story. It took me almost 20 years to figure out every thing that I talked about in the above paragraph.

It don’t have to take you almost twenty years

So there’s nothing wrong in getting a formalized education or getting a college degree. However, you don’t have to buy into the illusion that there is job security as long as you get a stable high paying job. The ultimate goal of any individual is to be financially independent and being financially literate. And figuring out ways to use your interest and your natural talent to become financially independent


The purpose of this site is to provide options for you to explore your individual interests or talent and to leverage them to earn passive income or even full time income with the use of the internet
If you ever need a hand or have and questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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